Master Certificate in Videogame Production

The Master Certificate in Videogame Production will teach you to create your own videogames. The modules will focus on all concepts related to 3D designing for audio-visual production, be it modelling with Zbrush and Substance Painter or creating prototype scenarios with 3Ds Max or using Unreal Engine game engine. You will receive complete training in videogame production in this course, which will prepare you to face any challenges when it comes to the creative side of the job.

Master Certificate in Videogame Production

Videogame Production

Master Certificate in Videogame Production

Videogame Production Mobile

Master Certificate In Videogame Production

Not everyone is lucky enough to combine the hobby that has accompanied since childhood with the job of his dreams. Now you can make it happen, dedicating yourself to an art that has already surpassed any other’s on diffusion and evolution.

In the Master in Videogame Production you will learn to exploit the necessary resources to carry out your own video game. Mainly oriented towards the artistic and creative aspects of the sector, the main two blocks are focused on all concepts related to 3D creation for an audiovisual production: from modeling with Zbrush and Substance to prototype scenarios with 3dsMax or professional use of Unreal Engine. Your training in videogames is guaranteed with the Autodesk’s official certification and Trazos’ certification as an Adobe’s authorized center.

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Videogame production COURSE OUTLINE

Time to bring out your most artistic side: in the videogame production section you will learn to handle the creative software used by large and small studios at a professional level. From Autodesk 3dsMax to Substance Painter, Marmoset, Zbrush, Unreal Engine. Advanced knowledge of Videogame Production programs will provide you with the keys to face the most creative side of any project.

  • Scene Organization.
  • Modeling with 2D shapes.
  • Modeling with primitives and deformers.
  • Modeling with editable polygons.
  • Inorganic modeling principles, hard surfaces.
  • Creation of UVs, part 1.
  • Materials and basic maps.
  • Modeling with Graphite.
  • Modeling for real time, modifiers chamfer and turbosmooth.
  • Principles of organic modeling.
  • Advanced UVs. Unwrapping.
  • Projections of textures.
  • Retopology.
  • Physical simulations.
  • Creation of modular scenarios for videogames.
  • Creation of texture atlases for videogames.
  • Hierarchies and bone creation.
  • Expressions, restrictions and controllers.
  • Application of a skeleton to a geometry.
  • Animation systems: Biped, CAT and own rigging.
  • Principles of animation.
  • Cycles of walking and running.
  • Libraries and use of MoCap motion capture files.
  • Motion Mixer (editing and mixing for animation
    characters with MoCap files).
  • Correction and cleaning of Mocap files.
  • Export for real-time engines of MoCap animated characters.
  • Work pipeline.
  • Baking of maps within Substance.
  • Creating material groups and Workflow with masks.
  • Creating layers.
  • Creating Materials and Smart Materials.
  • Editing Materials.
  • Exporting maps to different applications.
  • Substance Files (.sbsar).
  • Tileable textures.
  • Materials.
  • Importing and creating scenes in Marmoset.
  • Materials, environments and lights in Marmoset.
  • Export for Artstation and creation from a real-time Viewer.
  • Interface and navigation.
  • Scene organisation, Tools and subtools.
  • Primitives.
  • Import and export of models.
  • Masks.
  • Layers.
  • Clip, Trim and Slice tools.
  • ZSpheres.
  • Shadowbox and Dynamesh.
  • ZRemesher and retopology.
  • Projections.
  • Live Booleans.
  • Creation of brushes, alphas and paths.
  • Alphas3D (VDM) IMM.
  • Brush multialpha.
  • Surface Noise and distribution of surface patterns.
  • Distribution of geometries by surfaces, Nanomesh.
  • Micromesh and Fibermesh.
  • Painting objects, Polypaint.
  • Creating UVs, UV Master.
  • Extraction of maps, texture map, normal
    map, displacement map, cavity map.
  • Character posing, Transpose.
  • Rendering with Keyshot.
  • Video creation from ZBrush.
  • Navigation and interface.
  • Project organization.
  • Game objects.
  • Importation.
  • Components and physical simulations.
  • Animation.
  • Effects.
  • Illumination.
  • Materials.
  • Prefabs.
  • Game preferences.
  • Creating the executable.
  • Virtual Reality. Viewing the projects in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • Basic Unreal Engine.
  • Navigation in UE4.
  • Creating environments by means of BSP geometries.
  • Static geometries.
  • Types of lights and properties.
  • Basic materials.
  • Physical simulations
  • Game types.
  • Creating a kit for modular scenarios.
  • Advanced Unreal Engine.
  • Animated geometries.
  • Scripting system, Blueprints.
  • Animating objects and cameras, Matinee.
  • Particle systems.
  • Visual effects.
  • Advanced materials, editable instances
    of materials. Vertex paint.
  • Real-time post-processing.
  • Executable generation.
  • Virtual reality. Viewing of projects in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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