Frequently asked questions

1. What is the scope of the AVGC Industry in India?

The Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects and Comics (AVGC) industry is $1 trillion global business. Digital media is exploding in India faster than any other country. India’s animation, gaming, visual effects, and comics industry is expanding at a phenomenal pace and is expected to be worth $43.9 billion by 2024. Animation and visual effects in India grew by whopping 56% and gaming by 45% in 2021-22. As India becomes a new global center for digital production, the industry is looking for higher-skilled and international-quality creative artists who can produce cutting-edge original content.

AVGC has also been discussed in the Union Budget 2022 tabled by the Hon’ble Finance Minister of India and visions to create a taskforce which aims to create 20 lakh jobs in the industry. These are critical skills for the growth of the metaverse and India is poised to take advantage of this ecosystem.


2. What are the career opportunities in AVGC?

AVGC is a progressive career option and pays well compared to other sectors. After the completion of the program, you can become a highly skilled professional and choose to take up a career in the related field.

On successfully completing a program in Animation, Visual Effects & Game development, one could become an expert and take up a career in one of the many following options:

3D/2D Animator, Character Designer, BG Artist, 2D Illustrator, 3D Modeler, 3D Dynamics & FX Artist, 3D Game Artist, Rendering Artist, VFX Artist, VFX Compositor, Rotomation Artist, Video Editor, Storyboard Artist, and many others.


3. What are the different courses available at EDGE?

EDGE provides various courses in AVGC. You can check out the detailed information on the following link –


4. What is the duration of the program and class timings?

  • Our Master certificate courses have a 9-month duration and would be conducted thrice a week, three hours a day.
  • The Bootcamp courses will be conducted twice a week, two hours a day.
  • For latest batch intake, dates & class timings, we would request you to get in touch with our student counsellor.

5. Will the student have to bring his/her own laptop/machine? What is the minimum configuration that the system would need to run the software properly? What are the different software required and will the student have to purchase the software separately?

  • Students who attend the course offline at our campuses do not need any specific laptops/machines as the same will be provided by the institute. However, if they wish to practice at home, they can buy a laptop/ desktop with the below mentioned configuration.
  • Students who enroll for our online programs will need laptops or desktops with the following configuration:
    • Windows 10/11 Laptop: Intel i7/i9 or AMD 5000 series processor with 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD or Hard Disk, an AMD Radeon/Nvidia Graphics Card with minimum 4 GB RAM.
    • Windows 10/11 Desktop: Intel i5/i7/i9 or AMD 3000/5000 series processor with 16 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon/Nvidia Graphics Card with minimum 4 GB RAM.
    • Apple MacBook Laptops are NOT recommended for the Unreal Engine Game Design and Virtual Production courses but can be used for the other courses
    • The necessary software’s required to practice the learnings will be advised by the Faculty depending on the course the student has enrolled for.

6. What is the eligibility criteria for a student to enroll for the program? 

  • There are no prerequisites for joining the EDGE courses. All you need is a creative bent of mind and a will to work hard and attend all your practical exercises regularly as all our classes will be taught on the software/machine. You need to have a basic understanding of English language as the courses will be taught by international faculty and be a minimum of 12 years of age for bootcamp programs and 15 years of age for master certificate courses.
  • For our Master Certificate Course in VFX with Houdini, we recommend having a prior basic background in 3D/ VFX software like Maya, 3DSMax, Blender or C4D. Students opting for this course without any prior experience will need to complete the EDGE Computer Graphics 3 months Bootcamp Course.

7. What is the fee structure? Does a student have an option to pay in installments?

  •  Our 9 months Master Certificate courses are valued at Rs 2,97,050 (inclusive of GST).
  • The Bootcamp course fee is Rs 53,100 (inclusive of GST).
  • The 9 months Master Certificate course fee could be paid in installments. We will request you to get in touch with our student counsellor for more information on the same. However, the Bootcamp course fee has to be paid upfront before the commencement of the course.

8. Is there any loan assistance available?

Yes, our student counsellors can assist you with a loan grant with our empaneled NBFC partner at a very nominal interest rate. Please get in touch with your respective student counsellor for further information regarding the same.

9What all campuses is the course available in? Can a student opt for an online learning module as well?

  • The course is currently available in our Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru Campus. You can find out more details on
  • Currently, we don’t have an online learning platform. We would be pleased to inform you in due course whenever we launch our online learning modules.

10What is the study material required for the program? Will it be provided by the academy or does a student buy it on his own?

  • The student does not require any study material. It will be provided by the Institute, or available as online resources. Master Certificate students can study the IAMAG online master classes free of cost which is otherwise priced at 70$ (~Rs 5,500) for the duration of their course.

11. Where is the EDGE certificate affiliated to? Will there be any exam conducted to avail the certificate? What are the minimum marks required to clear the exam?

  • All our EDGE-Trazos courses are affiliated with Trazos which is the #1 Animation school in Spain, 3rd best in Europe & amongst the Top 10 in the World. Students who have completed our professional 9 months master certificate courses and boot camp courses will get EDGE Metaversity certificates upon completion.
  • We will not be conducting any theory exam in the Master Certificate course but all the students will be required to complete their practical assignments and final projects as a prerequisite for getting certified.

12. Is the EDGE certificate recognized across the globe?

Yes, EDGE visions to provide world class education in the related fields of AVGC industry along with its affiliation partners, Trazos & IAMAG Classes which are recognized across the globe.


13. What are the placements which will be provided after the completion of the course? Will the academy help in placements / training?

EDGE has an active placement department that will assist all students with placements. A student also must note that the quality of his/her placement does not depend on the marks obtained but on the quality of his/her portfolio project.


14. Is the program suitable for people who don’t have any prior knowledge in AVGC industry?

Yes, our programs will be taught from scratch and aims to cover all related topics in the program you have chosen to pursue. The program will cover from basics to advanced level module and will help you become a proficient individual and take up a career of your choice.


15. Is the program suitable for people who already have prior knowledge and they wish to pursue an advanced course in any related field?

Our courses have a unique proposition and covers thorough knowledge in the program of your choice. Even if one has prior knowledge in the chosen topic, he/she could choose to upskill themselves and learn from one of the best faculty in the world. One could pursue our 9 months Master certificate course as that would give the student a deep insight into the related program and help in advancing his/her skills and learn the latest techniques & trends in the fields of AVGC.


16. Do you provide any help/back up classes for students who miss out on their classes due to School/College exams or sickness? 

Our faculty will help you cover up if you miss up to a couple of classes. However, if the absence is persistent, the student will not be able to catch up the curriculum as it is progressing, and the student will have to attend the classes in the next batch (subject to seat availability).


17. Is there any option to take demo classes?

Yes, we conduct demo classes every Friday at 4.30 pm. We would be delighted to accommodate you to attend the class so that you may take an informed decision to join our courses and get an opportunity to visit our campus and meet the faculty. We also host online workshops / offline events on a regular basis which you could attend, to understand our courses better. You can find out more details about it on


18Will the academy offer any help in portfolio preparation, or if the student needs portfolios to be submitted for placements on their behalf?

  • The Mentors at EDGE and Trazos will help you in the creation of your Portfolio Projects as it would be a crucial thing for the student and help them in getting selected by good production studios.

19Does a student have an option to pursue multiple programs simultaneously?

  • Yes, a student can opt for multiple programs simultaneously as we would be conducting the programs in different blocks throughout the week.
  • We also recommend that if you wish to opt for dual certificate course, you could opt for Master certificate course in Video Game Production by Trazos and EDGE professional Master certificate course in Virtual Production. The 2nd option would be to enroll for Master certificate course in VFX with Houdini & Compositing with NukeX. So, effectively, in 9 months’ duration you could become a skilled professional in 2 programs instead of one.

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